Who are we?

We are Sara and Julio, or Julio and Sara. We are daughter and father, or father and daughter.

We met on September 16, 1987. I’m afraid I can’t remember all the details, I guess I was too little to remember. He might say it was one of the best days of his life…

Years past and we both grew up. I kept trying filming with his massive VHS videocamera, but apparently I was too little to even hold it. I used to get upset about it, so daddy would let me see through that little hole every now and then.


The truth is that in one way or another we have always been very close thanks to photography. To this day we have become an inseparable team, and we have found in wedding photography our way of expressing ourselves and working together at the same time.

We are natural people, who enjoy photographing great moments of special people. Do you want to know more about us? Just drop us an email!: info@mimalandrina.com

What do we offer?
We divide your day in sections so we can explain in detail how we work and which parts of the day we photograph.

Getting Ready

Nerves, hurry … everything is ready!
This is the perfect time to photograph
details like shoes, flowers, dress…
It is also the perfect excuse to meet
everyone and get familiar with the camera.


We cover both the arrival of the groom
and the bride. We will photograph
the most emotional moments of your ceremony,
either religious or civil.


We will use the space between the ceremony and the cocktail
to steal a little bit of your time
(No more than 20 minutes usually).
This is the most intimate moment where we’ll take
some great photos that you will always remember.

Group Shots

Here we’ll take some group shots.
We will invite you to form groups to have
a nice memory with your family and friends.
We try not to use more than 10/15 minutes
towards the end of the cocktail.


We will stop temporarily from photographing and
we’ll leave you enjoy
your delicious menu.
We’ll be back during the desserts to
capture any surprises that may occur.

Let’s get the party started!

With no doubt, these will be the craziest photos
of all night while everybody
gets a bit wild at the dance floor.
We’ll be with you for an hour before
we put an end to our work.

Quote Request

Fill up this little form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!


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